Providence Island and Santa Catalina Island - General Information

How to get there:

The island of Providence can be reached by air and sea transports.

Maritime transportation:

Type of ship Catamaran
Company: Get to know us sailing
57 (8) 512 5124, TOLL FREE 01 8000 111500 BOGOTÁ 3102225403 SAN ANDRÉS 3183472336

Company: Catamaran Sensation

Company: Catamaran Karibe
+57 318 485- 1404

The duration of the trip is approximately between 4 and 6 hours. Depending on the weather.

Air Transportation:

Satena Airlines
57 (8) 512-1403

Searca Decamerón:
57 (8) 512-4045

Grupo San German express
315 302 3590
315 641 5537

Vuelos a Isla Providencia

The flights to Providence Island start at the Gustavo Rojas Pinilla airport on the island of San Andrés and end at the El Embrujo: Providence Island airport.

The duration of the trip is approximately 20 minutes, with a very beautiful view and generally a quiet trip.

Geography and Politics

Geographic situation

The island is located at a latitude 12:32 north and 81:42 west longitude about 70 nautical miles from San Andrés.

Geography and Politics

Providence has about 5000 inhabitants.


It is more involved in the supply of products to the small hotel industry and the native inn system and is famous for the quality of its species. A large percentage of its working population does so for the municipality, one of the main sources of employment.


Banking services

Bank of Bogota
Downtown Providencia Island, Phone: 514 8907
Agrario Bank
Downtown Providencia Island, Phone: 514 8888
Downtown Providencia Island, Phone: 514 8232


Airport to Ismasoris Cabins : $ 25,000 COP approximately / $ 8 USD / $ 10 CAD

Attractions of the Island

Fresh water bay o Bahía Aguadulce

The fresh waters coming from the highest parts of the island come to this bay. This small beach is surrounded by vegetation and its sand is of volcanic gray and fine origin. In this sector, most of the tourism service providers are concentrated, such as hotels, lodgings, restaurants, bars, dive shops, car rentals, craft shops, and travel agencies that offer various tours, either by sea or by land.

Southwest bay or Bahía de Suroeste

It is the largest beach on the island. Its sand is coral, fine and white. In its surroundings you can find restaurants, hotels, diving schools and an area of artisanal fishermen.

On Saturdays the bay becomes the scene of one of the ancestral activities of the natives: the horse races.

Almond bay

It is located in the sector known as: Camp. It is characterized by a huge octopus, at the entrance of the path that will take you to the beach. It is characterized by its greater waves since it faces the open sea.

Manchineel bay or Bahía Manzanillo

Its name is due to the amount of manchineel trees that are around it. This tree produces a highly toxic fruit; which is not recommended for consumption. This bay is one of the most popular beaches, since you have the possibility to practice sports such as beach volleyball and also to come and listen to local musicians.

Mcbean Lagoon National Park

Declared a national park in 1996. Natural reserve of 1,300 hectares of which 905 are aquatic and the terrestrial part is characterized by an isolated hill known by the name of Iron Wood Hill with an elevation of up to 150 meters above sea level. There is also an alluvial zone where the mangrove of Mcbean develops.

In its aquatic portion there is the reef barrier that protects the coasts of the island of Providencia.

Coral barrier


Providencia has the second longest barrier in the Caribbean and the third largest in the world. Its varied coral formations, together with the lagoon that forms inside the mangrove, it is what gives the sea of Providence an spectacular range of colors, ranging from dark blue to green aquamarine water. For this reason it is that the Island of Providence is called the sea of the 7 colors.

Cayo cangrejo or Crab key

Environmentalist area, where you can enjoy the wonderful natural panorama offered by this small cay.

Here you can enjoy the sun on its pier terrace but also practice snorkeling and enjoy the turtles of the place.

Forest Reserve the Peak or El Pico

Located in the sector of bottom house, the top reaches a height of 360 meters above sea level. Here you can enjoy a sensational view of 360 degrees. Its trails are one of the most important on the Island of Providence.

Worth the warning!! It is recommended to be accompanied by a native guide of the Island; not only to avoid getting lost but also to enjoy the legends and myths that hide in it. Know its flora and fauna.

Lovers Bridge/Malecón or Puente de los Enamorados

One of the most representative attractions of the island. It connects Providence Island with the Island of Santa Catalina. It is built on the Aury Channel, dredged by pirates in the seventeenth century, to protect against possible invaders. Today is the obligatory step of thousands of lovers who come to enjoy the wonderful dance offered by the sting rays at night.

Fort Beach- Head of Morgan or Cabeza de Morgan

It is located on the Island of Santa Catalina. Its path takes us to the rock shaped as the head of pirate Morgan, where it is said that he hid his treasures.

This beach is characterized by a natural aquarium, a privileged place to practice snorkeling for its great variety of fish. You will also find caves and taverns and perhaps, why not!!? Morgan’s treasures!!!!

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